We offer several in-house services.

Book Publishing

We can author, edit, and publish any kind of book imaginable. We also consult for larger projects and even offer definitive quotes for work, partial or complete. We can start from cover design to page layout to sizing, scaling, and font design.


Within publishing is the opportunity for on-demand consultation and professional advice. Many kinds of advice are free, but for many other projects you may want a personal touch or a gentle (but firm) nudge in the right direction. Maybe your project requires editing, maybe it requires a refreshing page design. Whatever the case, we can help you with that.


We also offer partial and complete design services. Wanting a custom high quality cover for an existing project? Do you need specific advice or proofing for existing graphic design projects? We can assist start to finish and anywhere in-between.


Do you desire to have your dissertation/thesis look flawless and ready for presentation and defense? The impact of a well-designed and flawless higher-learning document is priceless (but it certainly doesn’t have to cost that much).

We specialize in musical, mathematical, and scientific works. We can even work with house standards set by institutions and higher-learning universities.

Whatever your need is, we want to honor the hard work and dedication of your research and finely crafted arguments. Allow us the opportunity to show you what we mean with a free sample of your own work.

Musical Works

We are interested in two very important things: the printed word and the printed musical text.

When it comes to musical texts, though, the issues around readability and optical-optimization exponentially increase away from plain words. All of a sudden, music must appeal not just to the eyes, but to the interpreter. The clarity of the text and it’s imposition on the reader is perhaps more important than in a printed book.

If you are a composer, we welcome you to try our services free of charge. We would love to produce a small snippet of your work and offer a free quote. If you are an educator in need of a re-print or re-engraving of a work, we can offer concise quotes for the printing of this music (provided it is in the public domain or the copyright is secured in writing). If you are interested in experimental music, we can certainly provide you with a quote.

We want to be honest and deal with you the way you have dealt with your music. Allow us the opportunity to show you more.


Wanting professionally typeset short documents or Pamphlets? We offer very affordable pricing for short documents. Typically documents under three pages on the first job are free.

Pamphlets such as bulletins (for religious organizations) and small articles authorized for smaller distributions are quick and affordable.


We also can assist with technical manuals and organizing large documents for training individuals at a corporate or campus-wide levels.

But what if you have minor changes after the final draft? What about future version control? Not to worry; most minor changes and edits are free. Once you have invested in the initial product, then follow-up maintenance is very low cost.

Whatever Your Needs Are…

We are happy to consider and oblige. We are honest about our intentions; if we cannot accomplish the task (for whatever reason), we will tell tell you from the beginning.