Books, whether it is musical notes or printed letters in volumes, mean so much to the world and to the veracity of truth. Books are careful, painstaking realizations of words which, up until recently, could be trusted, used, and held on to for the future generations.

Most of what we know now about books now hardly represents this past.

Thinking critically of this, Puritan Verlag strives to accomplish one thing: Pure Text. The Puritans earnestly sought for the purification of their religion, for the freedom and peace of their doctrines and their practices, from questionable truth. It is with this striving and earnestness that Puritan Verlag seeks to become a cherished source for the purest texts.

So, defining our namesake, we desire to be:

  1. Puritan – We wish to make all books, authors, texts, and available sources of printed material to have the highest quality authorship, keenest design, and clearest texts. If there is any doubt as to the clarity of the text, the reader is given the opportunity to decide in the critical commentaries.
  2. Verlag – This ancient German word denotes the utmost care and dignity in the printing process, from the binding to the quality of design and readability. Verlag describes what all publishers should have in their highest priorities: the beauty and splendor of well-designed and timely crafted texts. It is the word for “publisher,” but with a hearkening tribute to the old-style care and qualities of well-made books.

To summarize, we are most concerned for the purest texts so that the customer has peace.

Purest Text. Peace of Mind.